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Monday, August 4, 2008

Reference Graphs - Total Solar Irradiance (TSI)

Note: This post was prepared for a specific discussion I was having at another blog. A blogger there insisted that Total Solar Irradiance hasn’t increased since 1950. My position was, it depended on the source of the TSI data. Since I did not want to fill the thread at that website with a detailed description, I prepared this post and linked to it.


The two composites of Total Solar Irradiance (TSI), ACRIM and PMOD, are illustrated in Figure 1. Both have been blended with the Lean et al 2000 data that is listed without background.
Figure 1

The significances of the differences are easier to see if polynomial trend lines are added. Refer to Figure 2.
Figure 2

In Figure 3, I’ve extended the ACRIM plus Lean et al data back to 1850 for reference.
Figure 3

I’ve added Figure 4 for those wondering why I’ve included the notation “without background”. There were two data sets provided as part of the Lean et al 2000 study. In Figures 1 through 3, I have been using the data with the least change, the red curve.
Figure 4


Ray Xray said...

hi what is the best source of solar irradiance for the tropical Pacific oceanic islands?

Bob Tisdale said...

islandeco: I don't believe I've seen solar irradiance broken down according to geographic location. You may want to pose the question to Leif Svalgaard when he posting comments on a new solar thread at wattsupwiththat.


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