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Friday, August 8, 2008

My Curse on Data Set Updates

UPDATE - August 10, 2008

Oh sure, make a liar out of me. Within days of posting this, NOAA updated its ERSST.v2 data on NOMADS. The data now runs from January 1854 to June 2008.


It seems that after I find a unique set of data the monthly updates stop abruptly.

The NCDC had a great land surface temperature, sea surface temperature, and combined land plus sea surface temperature data set that was based on the latest version of the Smith and Reynolds SST analysis, ERSST.v3. Data was presented annually and monthly, in numerous latitude bands.
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Updates came out almost a week before the standard NCDC data. The updates ended in April, 2008.


The ERSST.v2 data available through NOMADS, upon which I’ve been basing my series of SST posts, had its last update with the May, 2008 data.

Just lucky, I guess.

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