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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Supplement To “Can El Nino Events Explain All Of The Warming Since 1976?”

I’ve moved to WordPress.  This post can now be found at Supplement To “Can El Nino Events Explain All Of The Warming Since 1976?”
A regular commenter here and at other climate change blogs made a recommendation about data smoothing at the “Watts Up With That” posting of “Can ENSO Events Explain All Of The Warming Since 1976?”

He wrote, “…dampen down the smoothing and filters so that one can be sure the smoothing is not causing an artifact…”

To assure that no one thinks 5- and 12-month filtering misrepresents the data in the comparative graphs, I’ve added the raw SST anomaly data for the six primary graphs. The Figure numbers correspond to those used in parts one and two of the post. Note that the vertical scaling is different due to the additional range of the data being plotted. If there is still concern about the presentation of the data, use the links below to the sources of the data and duplicate the graphs based on the coordinates used in the post.
Figure 9
Figure 12
Figure 14
Figure 15
Figure 17
Figure 19
h/t to Bill Illis

Smith and Reynolds Extended Reconstructed SST Sea Surface Temperature Data (ERSST.v2) is available through the NOAA National Operational Model Archive & Distribution System (NOMADS).

The Sato Index Data is available from GISS at:

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TheFatBigot said...

Thank you for making your work available on WUWT. I cannot pretend to understand all of it, my poor flabby brain starts to melt anytime it reads "anomaly"; but I learned a huge amount.

Best wishes as always, FB.


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